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Ashes At Sea on Oahu, Hawaii
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Ashes at Sea on Oahu, Hawaii

Ho’oku’u is the Hawaiian word meaning “To Free” ... Free your loved one for their lasting, physical, resting place where they can “play” with the dolphins forever. We have warm, gentle, Hawaiian waters waiting to caress them.

Cost Comparison
The average mainland funeral and burial costs are $6,000.

Oahu Costs:
Minister, private yacht for 5, Coast Guard licensed Captain, for a two-hour sunset sail off Waikiki, Hawaii - $660. Family members can fly to Oahu, stay at a three star hotel for four nights, rent a car, plus, celebrate their loved one for less than $1,000 per person.

With your Hawaiian memorial ceremony at sea,
everyone will have lovefilled, farewell memories, forever.

Rev. Jerry Le Lesch
Commissioned by the State of Hawaii #95-349

Unattended services (minister only - no guests) are available for $150.

To reserve your services, please call: 1-800-586-7245.


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